Wet rooms harrogate bathroom

Wet Rooms Harrogate

When it comes to wet rooms Harrogate Bathrooms have built a well-earned reputation for luxury and style, but it’s in the installation of wet rooms Harrogate Bathrooms have really set themselves apart from many wet room installers in Harrogate and the wider Yorkshire area.

For obvious reasons, the installation of a wet room needs to be flawless, they can’t just look great aesthetically, they must be built to last so that as the years pass, problems don’t start to develop down the line as can happen with a poor wet room installation.

For this reason, when it comes to the design, specification of materials, and with the installation, Harrogate Bathrooms have an uncompromising approach. In terms of the materials used, while specifications are individual to each project, Harrogate Bathrooms uses the latest technologically advanced materials.

For the floor of wet rooms Harrogate Bathrooms regularly use specialist 30mm deep trays rebated into the floor with 10mm elements boards onto the remaining floor to make the floor level. Electric underfloor heating is often included prior to tiling the floor. The thermal properties of the waterproof flooring boards means that they reflect heat upwards, allowing electric underfloor heating to be the primary heating source within the room.

For the walls, again specialist boards are utilised with neoprene tape to seal any joints, after which there is an application of waterproof paint on the joints, to be double sure on no water penetration. During this process there is no use of silicone, and so as a result grout lines will not discolour and go black over time.

Finally, as with all bathrooms, showers or wet rooms Harrogate Bathrooms have a keen eye for detail and design. They work very hard to ensure luxury is just as much a part of a wet room design through the use of such elements like tillable waterproof boxes built into the pre-wall for storage soap and shampoo within the shower, and often these incorporate LED lighting for that extra touch of elegance, turning a useful additional feature into a design highlight within the room.

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wet rooms harrogate

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