Using the latest intuitive wetrooms products to ensure that your wetrooms has no leaks, no black mould and less condensation. The use of the correct products is essential to achieving a water tight and long lasting wet room or walk in shower . At Harrogate Bathrooms you can be confidant of getting the correct professional advise and service and you can be assured that the finished wet room will stand the test of time.

“In our wetrooms the clever bit is what you don’t see”

On The walls of the wetroom

We secure 12mm specialist boards to the wall areas, then we seal the joints with a waterproof paint and neoprene tape. The wall is now completely water proof, tiles will adhere to it 6 times better than if you tiled onto plasterboard. The tile grout lines will stay clean and not turn black. There is no silicone joint to go black and leak as this is not needed using this system to create your wetroom. We calculate the exact amount of boards, tape and paint you will need for your wet room so there is no wastage.


On the floor of the wetroom

There are many sizes of wetroom formers to use, dependent on the finish required. If you require a level access wetroom we use a 30mm deep tray and rebate it into the floor then put 10mm elements boards onto the remaining floor area to create the level floor. The joints are then taped and painted the same as the walls to create the water proof area. At this stage electric underfloor heating can be installed prior to tiling. This will work efficiently as the elements boards used have very good insulation properties. within the wetroom we would recommend low slip tiles on the floor or use mosaic tiles as they break the surface area down. We have a large selection of tiles suitable for wetrooms at our bathroom showroom in Harrogate

Storage in your wetrooms

Storage for all your showering products is essential in your wet area. We use purpose made tillable waterproof boxes that we build into the pre wall, then tile them. We also install a LED light to add that extra bit of luxury to your wet room.

Underfloor heating

The waterproof boards we use on the bathroom floor have exceptionally good thermal properties, this offers us the perfect substrate to add electric underfloor heating prior to tiling. The insulation forcing the heat upwards into the room. Making this the primary heat source for your bathroom or shower room.
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