Freestanding baths

Freestanding baths are as the name suggests placed directly onto the bathroom floor, often using classic claw feet to stand raised, or with a more modern soak tub design, the entire bath itself may sit flush on the floor surface. As with everything in life there are advantages and disadvantages, and if you are considering freestanding baths Harrogate Bathrooms can discuss these pros and cons with you.

For example, you may need to reinforce the floor for a heavy cast iron bathtub, the plumbing work can also be a little more involved than a simple exchange of one built-in bathtub for another in the same location, however a freestanding bath won’t require sealing, mounting, surrounds like a built-in bath, and of course you open up a whole new world of incredibly stylish and impactful design options with a freestanding bath.

These design options are often why freestanding baths feature in high-end bathroom designs, as they can evoke a feeling of luxury bathing, giving us that sense of being in a spa at home. Baths are also still really enjoyed, often as a means of relaxation, whilst showering is convenient, baths are often considered a luxury. Of course when it comes to freestanding baths Harrogate Bathrooms are one of the specialists in the North Yorkshire area.

Freestanding baths allow a great deal of flexibility in terms of bath positioning. You are not constrained to site a bath against the available wall space. The freestanding bath can even be located in the centre of the bathroom and options such as placing the bath under a skylight or even facing a window so the user may enjoy countryside views whilst relaxing in the bath.

If you would like to discuss bathroom design options for freestanding baths Harrogate Bathrooms team would be happy to help, allowing you to explore the many exciting design possibilities, either in a classic or contemporary style.

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